Memorial of Mr Baburam Mahajan

Losing someone beloved, close to our heart, is very painful. It is natural to feel sad and mourn over one’s death as there are many memories and special moments shared with them. Even when they are far away from our physical world, we always wish to have their memory with us and to feel their presence throughout our life.

This memorial was created by: Pooja Singh for her grand father on 26 Aug 2013
Fondly Remembered By:
Mahajans. We have not seen you but heard lot about you from Papa.
Title: Mr
First Name: Baburam
Middle Name:
Last Name: Mahajan
Nick Name:
Country of Residence:
State of Residence:
North-West Frontier Province
City of Residence:
Date of Birth: 03-02-1910
Place of Birth: Pakistan
Country of Birth: Pakistan
State of Birth: North-West Frontier Province
City of Birth: Lahore
Date of Death: 11-07-1944
Place of Death: Pakistan
Cause of Death: Sudden attack
Country of Death: Pakistan
State of Death: North-West Frontier Province
City of Death: Lahore
Name of Spouse: Milavi Devi
Name of Son(s): Ramsvaroop, Rama, Trilok
Name of Daughter(s): Sheela, Kanta Toshi
Date Of Cremation: 11-07-1944
Place of Cremation:
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